Front Grip Making a Comeback

From April 2016 on

Great article on how stupid we’ve been 🙂

“Ian Battrick of Lunasurf – who were early proponents in the resurgence of the pads – is pragmatic in his appreciation of the pads, saying they’re not just for big airs.

“Front foot traction is a simple solution to a lot of things,” says Battrick. “From front foot and back foot denting, to never ever waxing your board again. No more melting wax in the sun going all over your car, the inside of your boardbag or wherever. No more waxing and de-waxing for different water temperatures or trips. Apart from being lighter, grippier, easier, it saves you a lot of time, just grab your board and go surf.”

Battrick posed the question: “If Slater won the next comp on a front foot pad, how many full grip converts would you suddenly see?”

Battrick makes a good point. But there is one world champ ready to peel-and-stick a front foot pad on his next quiver.

“I loved them back in the day,” says Barton Lynch. “I stopped using deck grip after being dropped by Gorilla Grip many years ago. I have just inked an agreement with Komunity to release a full-deck grip and tail pad, so yes I will be riding them again. So great to hear it is coming back around.”

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