TikiGrip, WHITE, 4 Rolls for $30. Covers the front of a short board at half the competitors price!


TikiGrip is a thin adhesive deck grip for surfboards. It can be used for the entire board, though it is generally used for front-foot traction with minimal chest rash or abrasion. TikiGrip in WHITE is our main product; White has been more popular because it more closely matches the natural surfboard color, and won’t absorb heat if left in the sun. Once you’ve applied it, say goodbye to melting wax and board socks. 🙂

Save over 16% when you buy 6 or more!


TikiGrip is self-sticking surfboard deck grip that will eliminate your need for messy surf wax. TikiGrip is thin and lighter than wax, won’t melt, and doesn’t need to be reapplied. It also offers a soft barrier against scratches and knee dents.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATION: At least three rolls for the front of shortboards, six is better! You can do a whole shortboard (using TikiGrip as your tailpad) with 6 to 10 rolls. It’s best to leave gaps of 1/8 to 3/4 inch between the strips. Get creative!

Now, while the rest are doing the old waxing ritual, you can pull up to the beach and be first in the surf. : )

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Dimensions 60 × 1 in